Monday, 18 September 2017

Eats and Beats Supperclub

Two weeks ago saw the launch of Eats & Beats Supperclub, which took place in East London’s The Pillbox Kitchen in Bethnal Green. Eats and Beats is the works of friends and two lawyers Christina (who is also a CEO of events company Elevate Events) and Ranette (who provides private catering and has been featured by the Evening Standard 2016 and was the winner of the Guardian's Recipe swap in 2014). Both ladies love nothing more than joining forces and supporting local charities and entertaining.

The main initiative for the evening was raising money for GRIT formally known as Youth at Risk which undertakes commendable work to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK.

On arrival, there were smiling faces and I was greeted by Christina. I soon spotted the Mimosa bar which was neatly decorated - serving refreshingly good tasting mimosas in different variations. From the classic orange to pineapple to many others. You could also decorate your mimosa with adding in fruits of your choice. Once I arrived, I met Jen and her sister, who were the giveaway winners  of my Eats and Beat Supperclub giveaway which I held on my Instagram

 We soon found our way to our seats which were beautifully decorated in bold colours and beautiful flower centrepieces along with the menu for the evening. While the venue slowly began to pack up - DJ Incredible filled the air with old school riddems and current hits.

The host was the lovely Remel London of BBC 1xtra, she introduced the order of the evening and filled us with laughter. First of the live performances was Sharlene Monique - whose voice blew me away and I was impressed. She sang a song called Beautiful and it was very in need of today’s society.

Dinner began shortly after 7.15pm, first up was the Ackee and Saltfish Gyozas served with scotch bonnet infused coconut sauce and roasted sweet pepper sauce topped with crispy kale and nigella seeds. I was really looking forward to tasting this and it was absolutely beautiful. It was perfectly presented and the all the flavours worked well together on the dish. The scotch bonnet infused coconut sauce with the added addition of sweet pepper sauce made a nice warm compliment - perfectly for warming your cobbles on cold evenings or nights. It made a super and enjoyable starter. 

Next up on the performing was Kadina Kamara - again her voice was serene and soulful. For mains- we had the Turmeric & Thyme Mash which was served with sautéed savoy cabbage and Tandoori-style spiced chicken with green herbs and garlic sauce. Also served with Roti, this dish was the ultimate comforting dish - also the Turmeric and Thyme made a nice compliment to each other. It was very lifting and nourishing, The flavours of the tandoori spiced chicken were very flavoursome. 

Soon after Jolade did a spoken word performance of his love for hip-hop and it was dope. You had to be there to hear it, his verses were on point. A fantastic piece for the love of the popular music genre. 

A few other live performances by Jael and Adesayo were done. Although, I didn’t get a chance to stick around for those I am sure they were amazing. I had to make a quick exit - with that being said I missed the dessert. Judging by the below picture - it looked delicious. The dessert - Chocolate Cremuex with a cookie base, hibiscus (sorrel) spiced gelato, cocoa granola and pistachio cream.

Overall a very delightful evening for a great cause. It was an enjoyable evening. The atmosphere was just right and it was great to be in a room filled with greatness. 

Flyer/Food Shots: Eat & Beats
Pictures 2,3 & 6, 8, 10-12 are taken by Soulful Realist 
Other pics taken by me

Find more about Ranette via her blog -

Christina - Elevate Events

Grit is formally (Youth At Risk) - the website is under construction. They are on Twitter

Follow EATS & BEATS on instagram

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Pam Ban

Where: Camden Market, North Yard Chalk Farm Road London, NW1 8AH

Pam Ban cafe is the brilliant works of duo Mayhul Gondhea and Aruna Sellahewa, the Sri Lankan and Indian chai and coffee house situated in Camden Market opened its doors last month. The name Pamban comes from the island sitting right between India and Sri Lanka. Pam Ban is an exciting reflection of both the ethnic origins of the co founding duo and the meeting point of two distinct cultures. 

Pam serves its signature freshly brewed masala chai, rose chai, loose leaf tea, small batch coffee, and chilled dessert drinks such as Mango Lassi, Jaggery Milkshake, and Fulada.

For Eats - They serve a great selection of cakes, such as the Sri Lankan Love Cake - which is love at first sight that pairs wonderfully with a warm cup of tea or chai. They also serve hot food such as Pamban Rolls, which are delicious pancakes filled with chicken, mutton or veg, rolled then fried, provide the perfect snack, alternatively the London exclusive Lamprais, a Dutch-influenced Sri Lankan dish consisting of banana leaf-steamed spiced rice topped with slow-cooked curry.

Once you step into the beautiful space. you notice the stunning, striking and standout interior which is refreshingly simple, subtle, muted yet inviting. The building previously was a horse stable, while there are no traces of horses they have kept the structure of the building and you have beautiful exposed bricks, high ceilings, and large windows to allow in ample natural light. Space oozes a Swedish and contemporary feel, also dotted around is potted greenery, wooden tables with the cutest cork like stools (which are adorable to look at), plenty of table and chairs, also hanging daintily on the walls are contemporary paintings fitting to the brand and a Pamban selfie wall which you cannot miss!

Earlier this month I attended an “Invitation to a Masterclass in Chai” with a few other food bloggers. It was an intimate event to celebrate the launch of Pam Ban. On arrival, we were giving a run down of what would be taking place in the evening and greeted to a cute table set up with Indian sweets and nibbles. Soon after in a timely fashion, we got to try the various drinks offerings that Pam Ban serve on a day to day. Such as the Fuladas which is a rose infused layered summer dessert drink made with ice cream and rose syrup. Mango Lassi, Jaggery Milkshake, Red Cappuccino. We also got to try new flavors including Saffron and Lavender Chai - which both went down a treat. 

After the drink tasting session, we headed to the espresso counter where we meet with the barista who talked us through the various coffee processes which Pam Ban does use their organic beans coffee (supplied by Beanberry) and velvety Estate Dairy milk to create an unrivaled coffee offering. We also were given a fascinating demonstration about the temperature and precision of filtering the beans and shown how latte art is done. Pam Ban works closely with a selection of artisan suppliers in the UK, Sri Lanka, and India, a selection of chai-related merchandise and brewing equipment as well as handmade clay cups and Sri Lankan tea will be available to purchase from seasonally-changing product collections.

Before the evening drew to a close we got to take part in the Chai making master class where yours truly took part alongside Miriam of London Kitchen Diaries to make our very own DIY version of Chai. Presented in front of us was an array of ingredients such as turmeric, nut meg, cinnamon, ginger to name a few. 

For my blend, I went off the beaten track and used Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Anise. I also followed instructions by the hosts and added in water left that to boil (Now I must say my blend looked like a chicken curry - all you needed was a chicken breast in there and sorted! LOL) After adding the loose tea bags, continuously stirring and adding in milk and leaving to simmer - My chai was made - It was full of rich aroma from the turmeric and cinnamon - It had a warm yet subtle and velvety texture to it. It will make the perfect Chai during the Christmas season.

Pam Ban is not only great for great tasting Chai and Coffee. But it's a place which can double up as an events space too. Expect in the near future various events taking place at their lovely venue. On that note, Join them for their first Pam Ban Sessions: Live Acoustic Music on 31st August. For more information check HERE

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Adult Playground by 9NINE

Last month saw a first of its kind a 2-day adults playground pop up by Super Seed brand 9NINE which took place in London Fields, East London. It goes to show that playgrounds are not just for kids anymore, grown ups should be able to take the weight off their daily lives, play on, join in the fun and increase their happiness and well-being. (just like in the good ol days)

The adult playground was designed strictly for grown ups in mind complete with an adult sized slide, jumbo swings, super-sized see-saws, fireman pole, climbing areas, monkey bars and ball pits.The concept of Play is nothing new – it has helped to form the society we live in today and provides anticipation, pleasure, imagination, social interaction, surprise, fun, liberty and laughter, and that’s just for starters. Playing is good for our mental health as well as our physical well-being, but we seem to stop buying into it once we reach adulthood.  9NINE are about making sure we live life to the fullest and have plenty of fun along the way.

I attended the press launch ahead of its opening on 29th July and like many when I walked through the door - the first thing I laid my eyes on was the massive red slide at the entrance. I was intrigued yet scared but I knew I had to try it. I quickly climbed up like the dotting kid inside me. yet when I got to the top, my heart was beating out of my chest and I couldn’t do it! I guess the fear we face as adults kicked in.(While it may have looked like a simple slide - it dipped and it was quite narrow) Well, at least I couldn’t do it for now. But after checking out the other things to do. I went back on the slide to conquer my fear and this time I went down it. Woohoo! 

Happiness is the heart of the 9NINE brand alongside their nutritional side being their 9NINE products(which are worth checking out) for a nutritional boost. Their edible products include bars, seed fusions, and seed bombs. I really liked the taste of the double cocoa and raspberry bar, alongside the chia seed drink. Very tasty and nutritious. For more information on the 9NINE brand and its products. Visit their website here

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Drinki Summer Party

I attended the Drinki Summer party about two weeks ago. Now if you follow me across my socials you will see I have been banging on about the Drinki App. I was first informed about the app from Timeout.

Drinki hooked up with Emerald Street and threw a summer party which took place at the Brew House in London Fields, East London. It was such a fun afternoon - complete with tunes, tiki pong, burger bear on the 1s and 2’s with their yummy burgers and wait a tequila water pistol was going round! Which was a highlight in itself. Also, on the day prosecco was flowing along with Tommy’s Margafreeta and £5 cocktails which you could get from using the Drinki app. 

Loli Lewis, Myself & Femi Mode 

The app has come at such a good time, particularly if you are a serial socializer and love discovering new drinking holes. Nowadays, we are all wanting to save money on going out, whether that is eating out or drinks without breaking the bank. The app encourages you to bring your squad, your partner or just treat yourself to discover new bars across the London borough as well as your favourite joints. The Drinki app gives you chance to get a drinki on the house, from Shoreditch Sling at Forge & Co, STK Martini at STK Lounge, Drambuie Collins at The Magic Roundabout, Gin at Gillray’s Bar to Expresso Martini at Grind to name a few as well as enjoy the superb discount off drinks. Recently the app has added 52 new bars to celebrate Cocktail Month with Emerald Street.

The app is pretty straight forward to use, all you have to do is download the app, register and you are good to go. Another fun thing about the app, you can collect Drinki’s by sharing your referral code amongst your friends to stack up your drinks. 

The Drinki app is available on iOS and Android and is currently only available in London, but watch this space it may come to a city near you soon.  

Learn more about DRINKI today and Use my code: ‘ANNETTELENS ‘to grab a drinki on me! Cheers to that! 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Aperol Spritz Socials

Last week Thursday, I went along to Aperol’s Spritz Social event which was held at Netil 360 Rooftop bar in Hackney. It was the perfect way to unwind on a Thursday evening with friends, the Netil 360 rooftop was transformed into an Orange Mecca - which was not hard to miss and hey, I sure got the memo and matched the theme of the party right down to a T with my orange dress. 

The ever so popular drink is part of the Italian culture. The word ‘Aprevito’ traditionally is the opportunity to catch up with friends, unwind after a long day and indulge your appetite with an aperitif.

The lovely guys at Aperol Spritz are touring cities across the country to play host with their series of socials all summer long. The aim of the series is to encourage revellers to take part in a memorable, engaging party experiences and of course spritz up with the refreshing luminous orange drink - which is 3 parts prosecco, two parts Aperol, a dash of soda water and a slice of an orange.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with glasses of Aperol Spritz and shown around the orange filled roof top. There were a few attractions such as the Aperol drink masterclasses, glitter makeup, orange manicures, a photo booth (which was against a back drop of orange props), table tennis and a football table. The innovative Chin Chin Labs were on hand doing a one off spin of their liquid nitrogen ice cream, which was infused with Aperol & Prosecco and served in a marshmallow stuffed cone. Last but not least the world’s biggest Cicchetti table by Forza Win - serving a delicious gigantic Italian feast.


Music on the night was by the Legendary Norman Jay MBE who threw an eccentric mix of soul on the decks, Pixie Geldof and Hackney Colliery Band - who did an acoustic performance of pop classics - They performed ODB - Baby, I got your money and Kanye West - All of the lights just to name a few. 

Overall the atmosphere was pretty laid back,friendly and fun! To apply for a place for you and a guest. Head to their website and click the events page and enter your details. The next Aperol Social Party is in Manchester on 26th July. Book your place here #ItStartsNow 

Thank you, Aperol Spritz for having me & my friends and for throwing this awesome party. It was very enjoyable. 

 Pictures were taken by Ben Achana 

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