Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Holiday Review: BARBADOS

On Wednesday 29th July i was on my way to the airport...Left the rain behind in London to paradise destination of Barbados for 2 bliss weeks. Minus the fact that my flight was delayed by an hour or so. was overly excited...

Barbados is truly an amazing island and i aint just saying that....I stayed in Coconut Court Hotel-, which is in Christ Church and close to all the major hang out spots i.e St Lawrence Gap.

Currency - Barbados has its own currency which is known as the BDS. And is pegged to the US dollar at the exchange rate of BDS$1.98 to USD$1.
I would say its best to take BDS with you then they will need to exchange the dollar further and you may loose out...

Travelling around the island in the ZR Vans ( is somewhat an experience in itself - the boom boom mini buses - As i would call it ) and the yellow buses which will get you anywhere in a JIFFY) lolol's

The people are lovely, the rum is seriously something especially the island's own Rum Punch (You know i had to take some back home with me) and the cuisine is delish...i wasn't keen on fish before my travels but i tell ya i was on it in BGI...Especially the Flying Fish...yummy

A real delight of a Barbadian Holiday is to simply to sample the local food.
Favs are:
Fish Cakes
Sweet Potato Pie
Marcanoi and cheese
Pudding and Souse
Rice and Peas
Fish - Flying Fish, Snapper, Marlin, Salt Fish..It's endless

Beverages range from Coconut Water fresh from the shell, Mount Gay Rum, Rum Punch, Fruit Punch to local specialties such as Mauby.

There is so much to do out in Barbados.
Highlights of my trip was:-

St Lawrence Gap ( The place where its happening)

Martin Jay's Crop Over Cool Down Cruise

Chefette (The Vanilla Thick Shake Was The One)

Atlantis Submarine ( Which took us 147ft underwater to view the under water life of array of beautiful fishes, coral and shipwreck - not for the faint hearted)
Island Safari (my was a bumpy ride in and around the island)

Crop Over ( The Carnival in Barbados is serious. They really appreciate it back there. No police man in sight. Just Good Vibes, Soca, people, Colourful costumes and Rum and loads of it...hahaha!!)

Browns Beach


The plantation ft Soca giants such as Mr Dale Performing Live Soca Junkie, Krosfiyah

Will definitely be returning back to Barbados...I do highly recommend it...
You can get flights with Virgin, British Airways...

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