Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Greatest obsession....

is Barry M nail polish. For me they are the best nail polish out there. As they are reasonable priced at £2.95 and come in over 50 different colours.
I absolutely adore them.

My 3 new shades that i purchased today from Boots on 3 for 2 Offer are:

Pink Flamingo, Cyan Blue & Mint Green

What i love about these shades. They fit in with the whole Pastel Trend that is here at the moment. So sweet. Good enough to bite. (Pls don't) LOL

I tend to paint my toe nails with them. Due to my short stubby nails. ( I used to bite them. A bad habit which I do not do anymore) I put falsies on and it looks just as fab.

(I am wearing the Coral shade in this above pic)

The colour is easy to apply, not too thick, not too thin and dries quite quickly. I usually put on a base coat and then use 2 coats of the nail polish for full coverage of the colour, sometimes 3 ( But very rarely)

I also find that the polish lasts for quite some time before it chips off...

I plan to get as much as i can to add to my mere collection.

The shades I have are:

Bright Red, Vivid Purple, Shocking Pink, Coral, Pink Flamingo, Bright Purple, Cyan Blue and Mint Green.

Its hard to pick a favourite, But from my collection i will say Coral, Bright Purple, Shocking Pink, Vivid Purple...

What are your favourite shades from Barry M???

For a full product range and ability to buy online, info on the brand as well as tips and tricks. Go to BarryM or visit your local Boots and Superdrug store.


  1. that is one thing of barry m i have never tried.

  2. Oh really Nicola...You need to get a move on gurl. What products do you use from the Barry M collection and what nail polishes do you normally use??

  3. I love this brand, they have very nice colour. Too bad I have to go to the UK to get some.

  4. Oh no.. Is that so Marilou.. I thought it was available everywhere at least.. Oh dear..

    Mind you since my photo.. my Barry M Collection has expanded..

    Well the UK is ready to greet you with open hands when you do come along to visit.. The Topshop Counter in Barry M is waiting for you.. Mind you don't you have Topshop in Belgium?!?!?


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