Sunday, 26 September 2010

Shopping Diaries - H&M Special

So its been a while since i done a shopping diary…
So here goes..My latest expenditures…

This gorgeous Cardigan £14.99 from H&M. (Divided) In trend with the whole leopard theme that has made a comeback
Comes in 3 colours, Cream, Khaki and Yellow…

I just had to get the yellow as i am very loud and also its very lush…can pop up any dull outfit…

Leopard print top… £7.99

Navy scoop 3/4 lace top. £7.99. Again comes in a host of colours.

( Detail of the lace shoulder)

Camel Cardigan with detachable belt. £24.99
I say hook your own belt...As the belt aint that great....

Now i know i titled this as H&M Special…

But here's also what i've brought..

This cute dress from ASOS…which i found in their clearance section for a mere £22 from £42

and this Wiki Bag called Adjua by N'kya Designs ( My, i have wanted to own one of these bags for the longest and i have been rocking it at every chance i get.
N'kya Designs is the works by my friend Shelia Boateng. For more info check




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