Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hunmingbird Bakery... How I Do Adore...

The Hummingbird Bakery is London's Greatest Treasures..Selling the most amazing selection of cakes and pies.
No matter what your age.. Hummingbird Bakery will surely put a smile on your face...

Whether its the rich dark red filling of the incredible dark Red Velvet ( My Fav) to the Vanilla Sponge to Newyork Sponge Cake. Something to fit everyone's taste..

Last week Thursday. I went to Hummingbird Bakery situated in Wardor Street.
Caught up with my friend over a slice of cake and hot chocolate...was absolutely divine..

The shop definitely incorporates the cakes with a brown and pink flooring, chocolate painted walls, pink candy cupboards and Andy Warhol Inspired Cup Cake paintings. Lush if you ask me...

I say if you got spare time on your hands..definitely worth taking a trip to indulge and droll...

And if that wasn't enough... The very next day was my friends surprise b'day and the cake of choice was from Hummingbird...And Red Velvet... I was in Heaven... *** Google eyes***

View for more details Hummingbird
Have you been Hummingbird or simply tasted the Fabulous cakes...Which one is your favoutrite????


  1. Hi Wande, you can contact me on annette_boateng86@hotmail.co.uk

    With Love xx


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