Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Go Compact With Moxie Tampons

The Time of the month, I never seem to enjoy...I guess no lady does.. Our minds change and we become moody.. Yes I am the first to admit and perhaps a tad grouchy too.. Luckily mine lasts for up to 4days..

Mind you i do prefer to wear a pad on the first 2 days of my period and on the remaining days a tampon...

At London Fashion Weekend in 2009. I received a goody bag with loads of different stuff and thats where i first spotted the Moxie tin of tampons.

It's taken me 2 years for me to actually use the contents and yes its still within its date range. Lets just say the other day i was running around for tampons and i realised i still had these which i was yet to try.

Moxie is described as: Quality tampons, securely protected in unique and discreet purse worthy tins. Stylish and feminine with a hint of glam, we no longer have to keep tampons under wraps. Everyday should be special... So spoil yourself with Moxie
All 3 Moxie tampons come in a coloured packaging to make your tampon selection less confusing; Regular are available in peach, Super in pink and Super Plus in blue.

I must say i adore these tampons and even with just a sample, i will be stocking up on these. They are cute, compact and do hold an even flow. I felt totally sane in them.

For more information on Moxie Tampons and price points - See website

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