Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hot Spots: Creams Review

Hiya All, Hope you had a fab week. I was trying to upload this post earlier but blogger was down.. But finally here it is.. If you have a sweet tooth look on..

Creams is the latest hot spot situated in Norbury, South West London. It's the chicest place to hang out.

The Diner has a purple and black theme with matching booths.

Creams is an American style diner selling Waffles, Crepes, Protein Shakes, Ice creams, Dessert, milkshakes and Fair Trade coffee under one roof. Starting from as little as £3.

I would say this place is extremely pocket friendly. It's under £10 and you have the option to create your own crepe/waffles with additional toppings.

Takeaway is also available.

 It's defo a spot  which is good for the warmer months to indulge in or if you wish to treat yourself to a sugary delight.. 

So if you happen to be passing by the area of Norbury... Then i recommend you give this place a try. Tell A Friend To Tell a Friend...

I would strongly recommend the Canadian Winter Waffle. Which consists of Fresh Hot Waffle with maple syrup served with fresh cream or vanilla Ice cream dusted with Cinnamon.

I have visited on numerous occasions and on Monday just gone i popped there again with a few friends. And this time sampled the Banoffee Waffle. Which was absolutely divine. Yum

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  1. Oh GOsh, with summer coming up and all these little places to go and eat Im going to have to be in extra work out mode

    Love it!

  2. Creams is the place to be for sure..

  3. Lolol Coco. Watever!! Your fine the way you are.. Next time your in town. I'm draggin you here.. Is that a deal..
    @ Maureen. You know wassup!! =D


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