Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nail Colour Of The Day & Goodies

Would have to be my BeautyUk Glam nail polish in colour Soft Green no45 which I purchased in-store from Superdrug for £1.99. Having had this shade for a while I have been dying to try and surprise. Here it is:

I love how the colour pops on my skin tone.  It's soooo Gorgeous!!

You can buy shades from here

I also received my goodies from  Marliou - Mypreciousnailpolish. Check her  fabulous blog here She was having a blog sale. And since i don't own any Opi nail shades i thought it would be a good idea to purchase at £5.50 each. As usually one is £10.50. So a great deal it was. The shades i purchased was:


On Opi Collins Avenue is described as red/orange colour & Banana Bandanna is described as a soft lemon yellow. I look forward to testing both shades and will post a NCOD when i do.


  1. Love that colour it looks gorgeous and look at your nails. So envious of those. Thanks for visiting my blog, following back xx

  2. Thanks Nicoletta for the comment. You'll be surprised to know some of my nails are acrylics and some are my own nails ( Yes the acrylics grew nails and are still pretty strong) Once all my nails grow to the same length i will stop using them**

    Thanks for following me sweets!! :D


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