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Review of Afro Hair And Beauty Live 30 May 2011 - *Pics Heavy

Yesterday i attended Afro Hair And Beauty Live at the Business Centre in the swanky Angel area with my bestie Maureen. Go check her blog out @ myeverydaytreats

Afro Hair and Beauty Live was celebrating 30years showcasing the very best brands in hair and beauty products today.

With so much to see and do there's quite a lot to keep you company (especially if you're a first time visitor) whether it's a hair show where models are striking on the catwalk, exhibits hall, hair stylists on hand to transform you, beauty services such as eyelash extensions and makeup demos to performances from up and coming artists such as R.T.I and Duane Lamonte ( both artists appeared on UK Xfactor)

Sleek Hair models gracing the catwalk

Dionne Smith and her team were behind the masterminds using Sleek Hair to recreate the above looks.
Dionne Smith Salon is in Peckham

Hair model rocking purple and green plait and braids by  Marcia Johnson, Rougz Hair and Beauty

Supermalt Counter. Love eyes

This is actually my first time attending at the Business Design Centre and its very chic. But i must say the old venue was much more spacious.

Various hair stylists won awards for their magnificent hair styling and a big well done to them. A few of those winners was....Follicles Hair & Beauty

Kat had us highly entertained while on stage with his dance moves and entertaining self. Was just too funny..hahaha!

My highlights of the day was:-

The Supermalt stand on entrance, anyone who knows me well. Know that supermalt is my thannngg. lol

Performance by UK Girl Group R.T.I - The lovely girls from South London - Raquel, Ivy and Tina performing a few covers and their debut single "cool it off" which is available to download free here Also check them out on twitter too on @RTIMUSIC and subscribe to their youtube channel on www.youtube.com/rtimusictv

Performance by Duane Lamonte. He rocked that stage with his killer voice and suarve dance moves whlist perfoming his song titled Lion - Let it Roar. Check him out on: http://www.myspace.com/OfficialDuaneLamonte also follow him on twitter @DuaneLamonteUK

Myself and Maureen bumped into fellow bloggers/Youtubers Miss Whitney Q and Leila from Fusion of cultures.

So it was nice to see them. There outfits were too cute. They both were donning scrafs tied nicely on top of their braids.....which was so friggen hot. Makes me want to get Senegalese twists done ASAP.. 

The fashion hall. I am a lover of all things beautiful especially African fashion. i get attracted to the prints and the colour. Ohhh so proud of Africa. We are in Fashion baby! Some of the designers who took place at that spot was Eldimaa FashionYaa Ataa couture bags amongst others.

Flyer of Yaa Ataa Bags with on the right hand side Miss Ghana Uk 2009: Sharon Sarpong

Hair products had a nice cut in prices. Hair giants like Organics, Paks. But the one stand that caught me by surprise the most was KeraCare. The fact KeraCare products was selling for a mere £3.50  RRP is between £6-9. So you know people were in for a treat.

There was an organics stand the where woman demonstrating would use a handy device to micro scoop your hair to see how good/bad your hair was and offering advice. As you see below Maureen went in for the crunch. And they were quite impressed about Maureen's hair knowledge and regime. There is no surprise that my gurl knows her stuff. I felt the ladies were rather threatened by the intake from Maureen. lololol

Yes ladies that is her hair. There is no attachment in there.

My dislikes were that:-

There was a lightening/bleaching stand which i didn't understand why. Ladies love your complexion and the skin your in. No matter what shade of black you are. It's awful people go through such lengths to be lighter than you are. This subject is rather sensitive to me. My motto is #DarkAndProud

The goodie bag they were giving out. Ladies i will not be trying. In fact will dash out ASAP!!

Really thou Skin Perfecter  - Smooth Gel with "White UP" WTFFFF

No Sleek makeup stand. I was actually looking forward to seeing in person and with a sleek trained professionals giving advice on makeup products as i needed to know what foundation will be a better match for me and alternative to Mac NW47. So looks like my hunt continues.

After going round the stands i was abit like is that it. I just didn't feel there was enough to see and came to the end of the road a few times. Hmmm!!

Will i be returning again???
Maybe. I would  definitely like to take part say if I was modelling at the showcase and helping out behind the scenes  to experience the show from a different angle. As mentioned before it just felt it was lacking something and most people were selling the same kind of things. 

I kind of expected more, yet more wasn't there….which was a bit of a downer for me.... I would only ever go to stock up hair products as that was a huge plus side, help out with friends showcasing their collection in the exhibit hall and check out the catwalks.

But overall I had a good day. One which was entertaining and fun. Mingled with a few people i knew and the most importantly networked. Afro Hair And Beauty Live is defo worth a visit (especially if you haven't been before, good to take in the scene and get a feel for it.)

I did purchase  Avlon KeraCare Dangling shampoo for £3.50. The bag included some samples from KeraCare. As Maureen would say will last a lifetime. (lolol) So that was nice of them to be so generous.
Hydrating Detangling Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner, Setting Lotin, Conditioning Creme Hairdress, Oil Moisturiser  and Kera Care Intensive Restorative Masque.

I also got  Black Beauty & Hair Magazine as it was on sale for £1.50  RRP is usually £2.75 ( So again another bargain) It's actually been a long time since i've flicked through this magazine. I used to read them on a regular basis back then.

Neway enjoy some more of the pics i took.

Did you go Afro Hair and Beauty Live and how did you find it??? Were you a first timer or you've been going for years?? How many marks would you rate this years show???

Sleek Hair Models 

Left hand side: Finalist Jasmia Robinson on Britain's Next Top Model 2007

Myself and Friend Esther who modelled earlier

Myself and  Fashion Director Yolande Letshou - Check her out on http://www.lagenevenorth.co.uk

My gorgeous friend Adwoa Brown modelling for Sleek Hair

Above outfit is from Primark. That maxi dress was gorgeous but a lil see- through

Maxi Dress by NewLook

Maxi Dress by Primark 

Myself and Model Lisette (Currently running in Top Model Of Colour Modelling Competition 2011) She was modelling hair style by Follicles Hair & Beauty

OOTD: Jumpsuit - H&M, Shoes - Zara, Demin Gilet - Mango


  1. I was on the same event a few years ago when i lived in London but then it was at Alexandra Palace, i also noticed that they had bleaching cream and i found it very offensive & degrading! But apart from that it was a good day, you also seemed to have a good time :)

  2. Great review, the pictures give you a feel of how it was.
    Say nothing to the bleaching creams #shakeshead

  3. Hey! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Nice stuff you got here...hopefully hear from you soon again...
    Love, W. x

  4. @ VeganFashionista: Most defiantly its just not something you would see at such a well known event particularly as it focuses on those from an Afro descent and black people in general yet sum1 thought it would be a good idea to showcase lightening creams. Not every1 is tryna be like Vybz Kartel here..

    Where abouts do you like now? if you dont mind me asking?

    @ Maureen: Thank you gurl. I wanted to capture everything. Glad you like. Yes the Bleaching cream was defo not a good look.

    @ Wahiba: Your most welcome bebe!! Your gorgeous!! and your blog is interesting. Most defo will be passing by your page again


  5. Indeed Annette, it's the wrong place to be selling those kinds of products and it sends off a wrong message. Im back home in Stockholm now. I went to London for a long holiday and ended up staying for 4 years, i looove the big city! Miss it heaps!


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