Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shopping Diaries

WOW.. This is impressive even for me. It's my first shopping diary of this year. To tell you the truth I aint really been buying much clothes it's mostly nail polish.

But neway the latest stuff i have brought are:-

Scraf: Primark £4 - I have been wanting a leopard print scarf that stands out from the usual and this scarf is just that. It's really long and as seen in my previous pics; i've been wearing as a turban and round my neck. Today I was seen sporting it as a shawl.

Bus pass/card holder: H&M - £1.99 - This i thought was a good idea considering it takes me from using my ikea pass holder to a nice slick purple patent holder and is just as chic. its also available in a few other colours.

Nail polishes: Superdrug -  Beauty Glam UK in Lilac Girl no 35 (£1.99), MUA - Makeup Academy 1455 in shade 15 (£1) and lastly Beauty Glam UK in Soft Green no 46 (£1.99) - These colours grabbed my eye instantly. I do love me some eye popping shades. See NCOD post for Beauty Glam UK Lilac Girl.

Jumpsuit: H&M - £12.49 - I have been trying to find the perfect jumpsuit to fit me perfectly and this one seems to do the trick. If you wish to purchase. Then do so by H&M then in-store as the price is £24.99.

Short Wide Top with Butterfly Print H&M £9.99. This top is gorgeous.. The way i've been trawling for an 8 and found it. Its also available in another colour. I brought in-store but online its £7.99.

Shirt: H&M £7.99 - This is a nice free flowing shirt. They were selling it last year. I guess it became popular that they forwarded on for this season too. TIP Gotta wear a top underneath it as its quite see-through. As it aint about blinding anyone. lololol

Vest top: H&M - £4.99 - Luminous orange. This colour is gorgeous and i thought would work nicely under the shirt i mentioned above as well as worn on its own.

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