Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I amsterdam

I went away to Amsterdam for 5 days. I have been wanting to go for ages; so i finally booked tickets and went along with the flow and as it was my cousins 21st birthday. I had another fine reason to go.

Amsterdam is a lovely city. I found that it was a very clean and well kept. With so much going on. Particularly in Dam Square. Tourist hub and locals general hang their day and night.

The weather i felt was slightly warmer then London. Hardy rained. Yet when it did; it rained hard then stopped.

I didn't get a chance to do all the touristy things but i did visit Dam Square - where i saw Madame Tussads, The Royal Palace and the National Memorial Statue.

I stopped by the Infamous Red Light District, spotted a double decker train ( which amazed me, as i've never seen anything like it...lolol) I browsed a few shops. One store that stood out for me was the Steve Madden Shop ( We need one in London) I did however try a space cake (cmon i cannot be in AMS and not experience one so i went in with the chance, particularly as i don't smoke.) I thought it would be a better option and try the cake instead. It was the bestest chocolate brownie i have EVER tasted with a special touch..Giggles****

I cant wait to return again. As i know on my next visit i would visit the museums particularly the Van Gogh one ( i love his paintings), rent a bike ( cycle around the city), indulge in the original dutch pancakes, eat at the selection of restaurants and perhaps take a canal ride.

On the Metro. Heading to the City Centre/Dam Square

Getting my toesies hooked up in the Nail Bar

Cupcake bakery

"Yes i do"

                                                      Yummy Pizza from Per Tutti

                                          At the airport returning back to London :-/

Afscheid van Amsterdam


  1. Oh, I really wanna visit Amsterdam too!! By the way, I love the green top. Is it Renee Q?

  2. Defo go Amsterdam. It's a fab city. Cant wait to go back. and yes the top is by Reneeq. I love her stuff. I'm due another one of her tops.

  3. I like your first outfit!!!thanks for comment and following, followed you back, come check out my new post sometimes:))

  4. I will do hun!! Thanks for returning the favour!! Love ya style. :D


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