Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Drum roll. The moment all savvy fashionistas have been waiting for the grand opening of the US store Forever 21 finally comes to London. The 35,000 ft store  opened officially at 10am this morning.  Since I wasn't able to make the launch party I knew for a fact I wasn't going to miss this day.(Hell nooo.)

So i set off to London's Oxford Street, roughly got in line about 9ish and already like me; many fashionistas already started queueing. I didn't think the queue was that bad compared to other launches. But as time went on the queue went round the block.

Forever 21 ambassadors in roller skates came to greet ppl in the queue and handing out 10% discount if you spent over £35.

Unfortnately, i wasn't at the front of the queue but just when the doors did open. The gorgeous face of F21; Bip Ling(blogger, model, dj) hailing from Wimbledon, was walking round the queue with a megaphone with a gold evelope - picking people from the queue for a very special prize (i think it was vouchers to spend a certain amount in store).She was followed with balloons with Forever 21 spelt out.

As the time struck 10am, we were let in the store and greeted by the F21 Staff who were frantically cheering and clapping each one of us who entered the store. And to my surprise, was given a goody bag.

My eyes were dotting from side to side, glazing all the wonderful clothes within the departments. F21 has 3 floors of magnificent pieces.  From shoes, demin, floral, bohemian, rock, lingerie amongst others there is definatey something for you.

The US Fashion giant  is set to give the likes of Topshop, H&M and Primark a run for their money. And the clothes are of cheaper value. They are under 30 quid. Jeans started from £8.45 most of the clothes ranged from £6-22.75 Lingerie started frm £2.40 shoes from £12.75. Incase your wondering, yes the prices are equivalent from what you would pay in the US. 

So this is not the end of F21. Infact it's just the beginning. The brand sets to open stores in Lakeside, Bluewater, alongside having already opened 50 stores worldwide. 

Another Highlight at Forever 21 that an Free ice-cream pallor was opened outside. So after all that shopping you could have a lil break and indulge in some favoured ice cream.. mmm lovely juvely.

Demin Gilet: Mango  Butterfly crop top: H&M Maxi Dress: H&M Slippers: River island

My last words: The store was amazing... Absolutely brilliant….  It's definitely a shoppers paradise. The staff were on hand to help with any enquiries. I Loved it and I will be backkk. If you haven't been to the store. Word of advise: check it out.

Did any of you head to the store opening? If so what you think??


  1. I haven't been yet, but probably will tomorrow!

    I'm curious,now tell me: what was in the goody bags?

  2. Defo worth a visit. Happy Shopping.
    The goody bag was a mini shopper bag and Pj vest and shorts set. ( Pictures are of this is on my Forever 21 Haul)

  3. i went to day and got grabbed and shouted at quite aggressively for taking a photograph in the store by what looked like a manager/supervisor. I then left very promptly in disgust! Until then i was really impressed, i's such a shame as i was really looking forward to going and b a few items x

  4. Wow Samantha, sorry to hear about your experience that meant that you didn't even buy a thing. When I took my pics, I took them discreetly. Mind you it was the open day and every1 was taking snaps. I'm shocked to the way they acted. My gosh. Despite your experience. Head down and pop in there and buy a few bits. :D


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