Monday, 1 August 2011

Hanging In Brick Lane

So yesterday, was a gorgeous blazing sunny day in the city of London.  ( Don't you just love Sunny Days) In London when the sun shows it's face we do all go gaga and enjoy as much as we can as we never know how long the sun will stick around. But I've been looking at the forecasts and this week it's sunshine galore before it turns sour.

I spent my Sunny day in London's Brick Lane with friends Gigi and Heneritta;oozing with culture, graffiti walls, street painters, aroma of the Indian restaurants, food stalls, market stalls selling clothes and accessories at very cheap and unique prices. One of my main reason for attending was the VAG pop up fashion market. Which were showcasing designers such as Bestow Elan, Yorubatik, Camer Couture, Loud amongst others.  

Here's my day in pictures:


Blouse: Zara Shorts: Forever 21 Shoes: Zara Bag: Longchamp Bracelet: Forever 21 Shades: Aldo

Carnival sure did come early….

       Gorgeous snake ring i picked up in one of the market stalls for £10

 Red Velvet Whoppie Pie.. Was absolutely Divine from Kooky Bakes Stall

Pina Colada Anyone??

It's clear to say i am obsessed with these slogan tee's


  1. Seems like you had such a great time there! I need to go next time I'll be in ldn.
    Love your outfits (you gigi and henrietta) you guys are so fashionable!!
    x Marilou

  2. Thanks Marilou. ( I will past the compliments on) It was defo a fun day out and with the bright sunshine!! I had to test my new F21 shorts as my prayers were answered and a hot day came!! Tee hee.

    But when your next down in London. Come Brick Lane hopefully we can meet up with you when your down!! :D

  3. I'm sooooo looking forward to go to London in autumn!

    beetween I have the same bag ;)


  4. wow! looks like you had great fun!"

    honey, join the Marc by Marc Jacobs GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  5. Beautiful outfit! Love your ring and nail polish! :))

  6. @ Sarah: You have the longchamp bag also? I just adore it. A compact bag for on the move. An absolute staple.

    @Allegra: I've entered your giveaway ( fingers crossed) and @Liberty Walk Sara - Thank you all for visiting and for your lovely comments. I will check your blogs out and follow them as well. :D

  7. That snake ring is gorgeous!

  8. London, a place I wanted to visit!!! you look so pretty in that pink top, i love your matching pink nails too!!!

  9. Thank you Ladies.

    @T & Vintage Process: I'm glad that you adore!!

    @ Joandy: Make the trip to London. When you can, you wont be disappointed. Every street is a catwalk!!


  10. Hey Jen, Glad you Adore too. It's so Lush!! xox


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