Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nail Colour Of The Day: American Apparel Neon Nail Polish

Morning/Evening/Goodnight: Where ever you are in the world…

If there is one shade I am diggin is my newest purchase from American Apparel. Price £7.
I am so in love with this colour. After seeing The Queen of Fabulous: Kimora Lee Honsou, rocking it. 

I would describe this Neon colour for brave hands. "Bright,In Yo Face, Luminous Yellow" Shade. It will brighten any look this S/S. Go on Give it a try. It's Awesome. Apply 2 coats and a topcoat and BANGGGG there you have it...

It's also available in 7 other shades. ( The blue is not featured here, but you can purchase online)


  1. Oh my godness. THIS IS the PRETTIEST NEON YELLOW EVER!! I didn't even know that American apparels did a neon collection. Stunning I want them all! It suits you perfectly :) x

  2. It's Marilou!!!

  3. Hey Marliou, Thanks, Glad you agree. It's only not so long ago I heard that American Apparel sell nail polishes. I kept seeing ppl wid this shade and blam, just had to get it. Bt their neon collection is firahh. And this luminous yellow is jus as HOT. Why you posting anonymous boo boo?

  4. LOL it's when I comment from my blackberry I dunno when it is going "anonymous" ODD !!! Boo boo LOL #BBW


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