Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hi lovelies so on Sunday 28th August; Myself and my friend Gi Gi attended the last show for the ever popular and magnificent musical Fela!. At the Sadler Wells, London Dance House, Islington

OOTN: White Blazer & Orange Blouse: Zara Pink Seven Eighths Jeans:Topshop Carvela Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Twas the first time I attended the Sadler Wells Theatre and was a very fine and well kept theatre with a licensed bar as you first enter and very helpful staff. The system to pick up tickets was great; you didn't even have to hand over a confirmation but the card you purchased in order to buy the tickets. In between intervals; they were selling programmes and the most gorgeous tasting ice cream I have ever tasted. Thanks Coco for informing me in advance!!!

Fela is a wonderful combination of theatre, music and dance with  strong and important message attached to it. Winner of 3 Tony Awards including best choreography.

I really loved this show. It was highly entertaining and I am glad I went,particularly I wanted to go for sooo long!!!  Loving all things african, like their stage wardrobe, of colourful headgear to necklaces and colourful cloths. 

The dancing/singing really stood out for me. The music is infectious and the dancing is incredible.  I am all about the tribal dancing. I really wanted to jump out from my seat and join in on stage.

However they did allow the audience to take part in the show, by exhorting us to get us up on feet and feel the music go through our bodies..

The crew of Fela are heading back to America. So if your in the states be sure to stop by broadway and to be entertained.

While waiting for our Cab. We posed with one of the dancers from the show. 

I have a video of the some of show ending. But will add that on later!!

Has any of you seen Fela! What do you think?!? Have you followed his history before the musical came into place??


  1. Loveee your outfit! The colours go really well together! xx

  2. Thank You Remi!! I am all about the colour!! Thanks once again!! xx

  3. you look gorgeous in color dear, love your shoes too!!

  4. you look amazing:):)

  5. gorgeous jeans! looks like the show was great too :)

    share the love?

  6. Absolutely amazing! Both the show and your outfit, i really wanted to attend this too :( KG shoes are too cute. I have awarded you something on my page :) x

  7. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments.
    @Janet. Who knows the Fela show may return to London but in a different theatre spot. Or perhaps may able to get it on Dvd. Thanks again, for awarding me on your page!! XOXOXOX


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