Thursday, 29 September 2011

Place St-François: Lausanne, Switzerland

Hey all,

Head Band: Primark  Shirt: Miss Selfridge  Jeans: Forever 21  Wedges: Faith  Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Day 2 in Lausanne, I headed to St François. The hub of Lausanne. Where it's all going down. The hippiest of cafes, restaurants and the trendiest of shops reside here. You can find everything from H&M, Zara, United Colours of Benneton, Mac, Bobbie Brown, Vero Moda, Globus to Gucci, Rolex. Plus many more. 

You can also spot the grand Saint François Church. And as you walk through the square on your way to trendy rue de Bourg, Place de la Palud , Place Riponne and all its museums. 

Every city has one place where everyone inevitably winds up passing through and this is the one in Lausanne. Defo a place to be seen at. I certainly did enjoy my day out wandering the shops and indulging in some ice cream.

And as promised. See my snapping galore:-

                  St François Church

My Love for Fast cars: Lambo in toy car  version…

These Red leather jeans were soooo HOTTTT!!! But weren't in my size!!! :(

But these leather looking trousers were just as FLY!!!! Love!!!

   I do not wear trainers. I've passed the phrase. But These babies are sooooo Dope!!  ( Perhaps an exception I can make) A must purchase for sure!!! And they are Leopard Print. I'm obsessed!!! Wauwwwwww

Movenpick: The Art of Swiss Ice Cream

Glorious Ice-Cream. A Variety of flavours: mmmm

Grape Fruit & Mint Ice Cream Scoops with a waffle and raspberry sauce. This was absolutely divine!! CHF 18.52 for 2 scoops of ice cream / CHF 14 for 1 scoop


  1. Aww, looks like you're having so much fun! Loving your photography.. Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  2. Thanks Janet. It's so lovely here!! And I'm enjoying every moment to the fullest.. More pics will be coming! Bisous

  3. Love those leather trousers on you! But think you need to be tall and slim (like you are and I'm not) to be able to pull them off! xx

  4. Thanks. Afro Boudoir. I didn't get them. But I wish I had now. They are so dope and so this season!!!

  5. Cute top, love that color on you.

    Liz Lizo

  6. Merci Beaucoup @Bespoke Biddie + @LizLozo.
    Thanks LizLozo for being my 42nd Follower!! xoxo Checking your blog out now!! xxx

  7. Have fun on the rest of your holiday xx

  8. Thanks Marie.. I sure did have loadsa fun. Now i'm bck in LDN!! BOO HOO!!

  9. Thanks Casey For your comment!! :D


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