Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Suisse 2011 Photo Diary

Pics Heavy

As some of you know I went to Switzerland for a mere break and to see my sister who lives out there. I stayed in her lush apartment which resided in Lausanne which is 30mins away from Genève. I went shopping in St François( which I mentioned in my last post) Also took the train to Genève to view the city and shop around there. Dinned in various restaurants, partied at the hottest spots as well as constantly taking in the panoramic views across the regions awesome landscape..

When people think of Switzerland they automatically think snow, swiss alps, mountains, freezing temperatures, ski lifts etc. And don't believe it could EVER be sunny.  If you thought that how wrong were you…as it was extremely hot and warm; particularly in September. By mid October it shall get colder and the temperature will drop.

Overall I was so enticed with this city; enjoying the swiss life that I didn't wana leave just yet...just ever. But hey all good things must come to an end I definitely will be visiting again. I would love to go back during the winter periods to experience the sports and fun activities which can be enjoyed around that time. Like snow boarding, skiing, snowshoeing, skating and curling.


  1. Lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time out there..

  2. I sure did have a blast. A very memorable trip. Thanks for commenting Shardeya!! xoxox

  3. We loved looking through all of these photos from your trip! So fab! You look lovely!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


  4. i love all your great outfits especially that printed jumper, enjoyed all these beautiful photos, those colorful macaroons looks delicious:))

  5. Just found your blog..and i love your fashion sense..visit my blog and also follow if you'd like..

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the pics!! If you're in Europe. I urge you to take a trip to Switzerland and be amazed too!! xxxx

    @The Victoria Era: Thanks for following. I will check your blog and follow also ;)

  7. Love the photo's very nice.. Definitely a place I would like to visit and see now you have given me an insight.



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