Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bourjois Goodies

Hiya Folks, Hope you had an amazing weekend.. And the start of your week has been a fab one. 

Can I say a big thank you for my newest followers!! : D  Means a lot!!

This post continues on from my last one; from when I attended Bourjois Boutique at the weekend. 

In the goodie bag, I got the following:-

Bourjois Paris Foaming Cleansing Cream
Bourjois Light up Mirror - (This amazed me, as I have never seen anything like it - lol)
Bourjois-ombre-a-paupieres - No 92 Gris Paillettes - Little round of eyeshadow. With an integrated mirror and precision applicator for ease of application 
Bourjois Gloss Bijou -Disco ball Mirrored Pendant containing ultra shimmering lipgloss enriched with light reflecting crystals 
Bourjois Mini Gloss 3D effect Les Nude - It can be accessorised on keys.
Dinner Card Discount at Beach Blanket Babylon
LOOK MAGAZINE (Was not in the goodie bag but was dished out at the venue)

I purchased from the boutique these fantastic nail polishes So Laque Ultra Shine Polishes £5.99/ €7.99 RRP but 65% off meant these babies were 2 for £9.

Juane Trendy (39)

- A deep mustard shade. Sunny and Bold. Reminds me of my Zara Mustard Blazer.. I just adore this shade to the fullest. Can't wait to wear it on my nails.

Lime Catwalk (38)

- Energetic and Spontaneous Lime Green

For more details please visit


  1. Borjois always have amazing goodies.
    I love it!

  2. @Antonella C'est Moi: Thanks for the love!! Following you back!!

    @Nathalia Ruggiero: Thanks a lot!! I love the goodies dearly, especially the light up mirror. That is too fly!!

  3. wow, so much goodies, i love their shadows!!!

  4. The eye shadow and blusher look great <3 x

  5. Cannot believe I got sidetracked by the Vintage Fair at Shoreditch town hall so I missed out on the goodie bag!

    The rest of the day was fabulous though I agree!


  6. Ooh, I just love Bourjois! It's so difficult to get here though, I don't have any of their products:/



  7. @Joandy + @Lolita: The eye shadows are lovely and pigmented, defo need to get my hand on a few more.

    @Miki: Thanks for commenting girl!! How was the Vintage Fair?? Glad you had a good ol time at the Bourjois event thou!!

    @Ashley: It's defo about finding out which store in your country does it and track them down or even perhaps ordering online and that way you can get to try the lovely products out. :D


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