Sunday, 26 February 2012

New In + Nail Polish Storage

Hey lovelies… Hope your having a great weekend. This post is simply about my latest things. So here goes:-

What did I get?
1. Rimmel London - 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 430 Coralicious + Rimmel London - I love lasting finish in 180 Purple Haze £3.49 each
2. LA Colours - Fiji Purple + Metallic Sliver - From Beauty Base 99p per bottle
3. LA Colours - Lip Pencil - Deepest Purple  - From Beauty Base 99p (The thin stroke is the lip pencil and the thick stroke is Mac Rebel Lipstick)
4. 9 Compartment Acrylic Storage Box  - From Muji £13.95(Nail polishes not included*)

The highlight of this post is the 9 Compartment Storage Box which I got from Muji. I was scanning through Youtube and user Beauty Crush. In one of her videos; she was giving a run through of where she stores her makeup and she mentioned Muji. I was looking for somewhere I can store my nail polishes, instead of lining them up on shelf (like how I did previously) and thought this would be handy and I definitely recommend it.

 Now as you see my nail polishes are in colour coded order (YAY), cotton pads, toe separators and lipsticks are also assembled in the box. How cute does it look?? And not forgetting neat, organised and all in one place!!!

For more information Click here

How do you store your nail polishes??


  1. Great buys,love ur storage<3 am still looking for e perfect storage for mine@e moment I store in my vanity drawers

  2. Thanks Sharon!! For the love on my page!! Oh rite I see on you storing in variety drawers.

  3. What a great way to store your nailpolish!

  4. Thanks Tina!! It's defo handy!! :D


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