Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shopping Diaries: Monochrome Edits

I am loving the mannish stripped shirt. Kinda reminds me of the movie Beetlejuice. 

I have been hunting down this shirt since I spotted in Paris H&M last month. I tried on a Size 8 but wasn't completly sold to the fit; it was slightly loose. And no size 6's where available so, I left it behind and thought I will see it in London. Yet trying to locate it in London was a challenge and a half..It was not online whatsoever. And certain stores didn't  stock it. Called customer services and everything trying to locate a size 6 and the shirt. Happened to be in Oxford Street yesterday and after going in 3 stores I found it!! No Size 6 as per what I wanted but an 8. And as there was 2 size 8's left. I thought baby you're coming home with me. The fit isn't that bad, it fitted slightly better then the one in Paris. I'm guessing it's a case with european fitting… 

Shirt - H&M Trend £29.99
Imitation Leather Jacket H&M £29.99
Imitation Leather Skirt H&M £19.99
Shirt with Birds - Zara 17 euros ( I think)
Black chunky necklace 12.95 euros & Sliver necklace 7.95 euros H&M


  1. the shirts look really pretty! I have the same leather skirt from h&m! x

  2. Thank You Dearie!! As for the skirt.. It's a good investment!! ohwee!! ;D

  3. Those pieces are pretty awesome! I would like to own this skirt :))

    Great blog!
    You have a new follower :)

    Stop by - Where are my keys?

  4. Thanks for the praises Sandra and for becoming my newest follower. ;D I will follow you back also!!

    The skirt I am totally digging. It should still be available to buy in stores.



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