Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shopping Diaries: Flower Bomb

I am totally loving the full on floral trend. I really can't get enough of mixing different floral prints and wearing together or adding a touch of zang to a simple outfit. These pieces stood out the most to me and I know I had to add to my spring wardrobe. Florals are very girly and indeed are a girl's best friend. 

Loving the colourful blooms on this shirt from Zara and the graphical flower print on these magnificent trousers from H&M Trend.

Viktor & Rolf Eau De Parfum was a gift from my friend and has indeed been around for ages. Rapper Wale ft Miguel makes reference to it in Lotus Flower Bomb tune.

It smells absolutely divine. It has like a sugary candy yet citrus tone to it. The fragrance contains top notes of tea and bergamot, middle notes of sambac jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose, with a base note of patchouli.


  1. Aw love yours flower print buys too hun, and thanks for your comments on mine! love that sheer blouse (blue gradient) in your fashiolista gadget,, where is it from? xx

  2. @Yolandaas: Thank you dear. In regards to the shirt in ma fashiolista gadget it's £225 From (I'm sure you can find cheaper on the high street)

  3. i adore your floral shirt, and still waiting for this pants to show up in our hm here, it seems like things always show up faster in europe stores than us:( anyways, great buys!!!

  4. floral print is great!

  5. @Joandy: It's always a pleasure for you passing by on my blog. Thanks dear. And in regards to the pants. I had to keep checking the stores for my size. (And finally I was reunited.)

    I tend to think the stores in Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden tend to get the stock first before when it eventually gets to London. Do check online thou. It may be available. The code for the trousers is 88-0789. Hope that helps!! :D

    @Irina: Most defo is, Thanks for commenting!! xox

  6. I'm totally obsessing over florals myself, they're defintely going to take over my wardrobe soon! I need that shirt!! xx

  7. I also forgot to say I brought my faux leather from ebay to make my slouchy clutch! x

  8. Love the floral top!! I want:)


  9. @Remi: The shirt is an eye opener and florals are the way to go.. Thanks for the info regarding the faux leather. Do you have details on the seller??

    @Fashion With Elle: Thank You!! Check it out Now in Zara!! xox


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