Thursday, 8 March 2012

Shopping Diaries: Fluro Coral

So if there is no surprise already I love bright colours in any shape or form. Thanks to H&M who sent me an email the other day to inform me of 15% off one item of my choice. The jumper retails for £34.99 but with 15% off I got it for a mere £29.75

This number I knew I had to have. I fell in love with this incredible fluro coral braided jumper from the moment I first laid my eyes on it. (Another stunner from the H&M Trend Collection) No one can miss me now…hihihi


  1. I love coral! This sweater is gorgeous!

    Love your blog. Stop by mines anytime.


  2. love and want it!


  3. aw thanks for the sweet comment hun! love this jumper.. and Re. Gina Tricot I dont think they deliver :( I just visit the shop when Im in Sweden.. take care x

  4. Thank you ladies at the wonderful comments. This jumper is soo Ace right.

    @Yolandaas: I'm so annoyed theres not a Gina Tricot in London and they don't deliver. I soo do want one of them pastel hole jumpers!! I NEED it!! lolol


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