Thursday, 8 March 2012

Show Me The Marni, H&M

Purses at the ready… Today was the official launch of H&M's latest collaboration with Italian fashion house Marni where Consuelo Castiglino brings the most iconic pieces to the high street.

Marni is known for its use of prints, a mixture of shapes and bold colour in electrifying shades. Making it wearable for every kind of woman, no matter what your style is. 

The 65 piece collection hosts an array of fun ladylike jackets over quirky loose shapes. Cute tops and cardigans, to be worn with brocade style pants or teamed with classic tulip skirts. Finishing off with a statement eye popping jewellery and chunky wooden stacked heels..

Prices start from £9.99 with the most expensive piece at £149.99
Earlier today, I settled off my journey to London's Regent Street which I queued outside the H&M store. I arrived at 7.30 am. To my surprise, the queue spiralled round the back of Great Marlborough Street. I parked my behind in the queue and waited patiently. As the queue moved on H&M staff were walking through the queue, explaining the rules and showing a board of instructions, as well as giving out colour coded wrist bands which allocated a time slot of a total of 10 minutes to shop and outlining "One piece per style". The operation they had here was very military-like..

I got given an orange wrist band originally but I wasn't happy with that, as the time to enter the store was 10.40-10.50; So I headed to the Oxford Circus, London store where an H&M staff member greeted me  and was giving out green wrist bands; which meant entering the store would be 9.25-9.35. (Which I was more then happy with)

To past time; I went to Pret A manager and chilled out. Where I got speaking to Karen Smyth who works as a stylist for LK Bennett. We spoke about our love for fashion, how she became a stylist and discussing our favourite items from Marni at H&M.
Karen was donning some amazing pieces.  1st thing that caught my eye was a stunning necklace by French designer Servane Gaxotte which is just too cute for words. This piece is extremely rare. The only other city it can be found in aside Paris is Japan. The 2nd piece which I adored was Karen's Metallic sliver Cambridge Satchel bag with stars covered all over. It looked Flyyyy!! 

So heres what I purchased from the Marni at H&M collection. I'm sure your all dying to see what I got. So without further a-due:-

Oversized Petal Yellow Necklace   £34.99

Black Sequinned Collar   £19.99

I opted to get the accessories; reason being who can give these babies a miss. They are hot iconic pieces, Statement and scream look at me.  The over sized petal necklace is absoutely magnificent; I plan to wear with a dress, shirt, tops. You name it; the necklace will be the centrepiece and do the talking..

And the sequinned collar will bring a dose of luxe to any outfit. A signature fashion piece! 

The only thing I was disappointed by was the African Print was not given reference of the origins (Big up Africa, We are in Fashion) and like Burberry selling for outlandish prices. What I would like to see one day that a high end designer will come together and work with an up and coming designer; creating affordable fashion. Now that would be a Perfect Collaboration... 

So there you have it.

What do you think of my buys? Did you shop the Marni at H&M Collection? What are your favourite pieces and why?


  1. i'd noticed the marni X hm is in store today, but i wasn't that much interested in prints, it was raining anyways, but it's fun to read your post regarding this, i love your purchases, accessories goes a long way, you'd definitely make the right choice!!!

  2. love the sequin collar!

  3. Great buys! Love the sequin collar! x

  4. really lovely post! the collar is so pretty x

  5. Marni for H&M is adorable!
    Nice post, dear!

  6. Oh how I adore this store! I going tomorrow! I want one of those sequin collars!

  7. Love them both!! Gorg!

  8. Wow! What an adventure. Truly some fabulous finds!
    I sure hope we are following eachother ;)

    Stay FABulous!

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!! I defo ( In my opinion) got the best buys from the collection!! :D

  10. The petal necklace is amaaaaazing! I can't wait to see it on!
    The Fashionable ESQ


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