Monday, 16 April 2012

Presenting you YS Jewellery

I recently brought some stunning earrings from London based jewellery brand YS Jewellery specialising in Unique Fashion statement Jewellery.

The piece which I picked up were the BBW inspired - Rhinestone Hoops Black £10

To learn more about YS Jewellery. Here I speak to Eunice (Founder and Designer) about her line.

HH: How did you get into designing?
Growing up in London as a young girl, I’ve always had a keen eye for fashion. I loved big, bold and things that stood out. I was also very artistic when I was younger, I did art and design for my GCSE and did very well in that. 

I wanted to take that further because of the passion I had for this subject but my parents will not let me. In order to keep them happy, I had to put this passion on hold. During my time at uni I had a chance to take part in modelling at fashion shows I was amazed at what these young and talented people produced. 

From there I knew designing was definitely something I wanted to get into, I planned to pursuer this after university.

Photography by NK Abani

HH:What inspired you to make this jewellery line?
I absolutely love jewellery, I mean every girl loves jewellery, I had a faze where I would go out jewellery shopping but most of the time they didn’t have what I was looking for.

I love statement pieces that stood out to me. And it was almost like all my favourite jewellery shops sell the same things.

I also had an addiction for American shows such as, Real House Wives, Basketball Wives, Braxton Family Values.

In these shows I saw jewellery which I loved so much and there was nothing like that in the UK. I spent most of my summer watching jewellery making channels, I Saw how easy it was then I knew I could make my own. 

I did my research and found some really cool materials, from there I started making jewellery for myself then eventually started my own business. 

HH: Name 5 of your best selling items within your jewellery line?
1. Crystal ball hoop with spike drops
2. Mesh hoops
3. Rhinestone hoops
4. Cross shamballa bracelet
5. skull shamballa

HH:What more can we expect from YS Jewellery?
Am currently taking some jewellery making classes, and now in the process of rebranding. 

I have a very big sketchbook almost all the pages are used up. Ys jewellery will not be just a jewellery line , You should expect classy, colourful, bold, sassy and uniqueness . Am trying to create things which are not easily copied by others, hence why I am taking these jewellery lessons. 

I have soo much in-store this year I do not want to let the cat out of the bag yet. But there’s going to be a lot of spikes and studs and real Swarovski crystals.

HH:What makes your collection different and hot from whats already out there?
Is unique, easy to wear and eye catching which is guaranteed to make heads turn.

HH:If you could be an accessory what would you be and why?
Hmm good question!!! I would be a watch because I believe timing is everything. With every great plan you must time it in order to 

deliver and execute at the right time.

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