Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Get Lippy with me…

I recently picked up these 2 shades of Mac Lipsticks at Duty Free at the weekend when I headed out to Amsterdam for my cousin's baby shower. I did have a very long list of things; I wanted to purchase in Duty Free. Yet it wasn't the case as Mac didn't seem to sell the raisin blusher I was after in the airport stores. 

On the plus side, I'm glad I finally got my mitts on Russian Red. I love the intensity of the colour, the richness of rouge and it is not drying unlike Ruby Woo. I also like it has a sheen finish to it and overall dries to a matte finish.

I tried it last year in Selfridges and the makeup artist used a dark pencil to outline the lips and it just looked really amazing!! I can't even remember the name of the pencil as it stands. Will definitely need to find out.

I thought I also purchase Girl About Town; not also does it describe me as a person (In terms of always on the go)  but I shockingly don't own any pink lipsticks by Mac. So this is my 1st. I love the deep shade of pink ,like a medium-dark fucisha tone with an amplified creme finish.

Mac Lipsticks £12 Mac Duty Free

Have you tried any of the lip colours mentioned?


  1. Love love these two colours..
    They will look great on

  2. @Maureen: Thank You Darl. Both shades are equally Fab. Happy that i've finally got them in my collection..


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