Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How I Store: My Nail Polishes

Last week on Instagram, I shared this picture on how I store my nail polishes. I thought it will be handy to post it also on my blog. For me this works perfect; instead of having the nail polishes stacked in a line( Like how I previously had them)I initially got the idea from Sammi from Beauty Crush who stores her makeup in clear acrylic drawer boxes.

That gave me an idea to pop them in a cute and chic arrangement, where not only will be the organised, easy accessible and most importantly in colour coded order. In the back of the box, I store cotton pads and toe separators.

How do you store you nail polishes? What works best for you?

Acrylic clear box: Muji


  1. this is awesome idea, i need to organize mines too:))

  2. @Joandy: Thanks for your comment. How do you store yours atm?


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