Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New In: Floppy Hat

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez, June Ambrose, Kourtney/Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ritchie to name a few.. The Floppy hats are popping up everywhere and becoming a firm favourite for most women across the globe. This hat I purchased whilst in Amsterdam. Seems to be my only purchase made whilst I was away ( shockingly, right!!) 
People may wonder how do you rock a floppy hat in the A/W period. My answer to that is: many ways. It can be dressed up or down and paired with absolutely anything. From a faux fur gilet or coat, bell bottom jeans, shirt and/or polo neck to a dress and boots. This particular hat has been seen on a few bloggers/youtubers alike such as Beauty By JJ and Lover4Fashion

Wool Floppy Hat €14.95 H&M


  1. Yes the floppy hat is definitely a wardrobe essential.
    Looking forward to seeing how you style yours.

  2. @Maureen: You know it girl. Most defo a wardrobe essential which is functional to wear throughout the season.

    In regards; to how I style it. Stay tuned. I will be rocking it this weekend. I can only pray that there is no rain pour this weekend…

  3. I like the floppy hat. I like hats as a whole really. Thanks for sharing.

  4. yes, hats are must in any warerobe:))

  5. Beautiful hat !

  6. @NashAmber,Joandy,Aleksandra and Jules: Glad you like the hat and feel the same about it like I do. It's a must have if you don't own one already!! :D

  7. that looks so chic


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