Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NEW IN: Neon Knits: Look at Me!!

No surprise here that the latest knitwear to add to my winter wardrobe are in bold tones… Yes, I love colour and these are perfect and cosier enough for the coming cold period which is common in London! Both colours scream Shout out loud and be proud.. Both jumpers have an Angora Blend to them. As lush as they are stand so close and you could get a static rush. That's why the freezer tip works well to prevent further shredding…

H&M currently have £5 off voucher on your next purchase. Minimum spend of £10. If you have the orange voucher and live in London. You can use from now till 14/10/2010. Happy Shopping

Neon Yellow Jumper: £34.99 & Pink Neon Chunky Jumper: £39.99 H&M Trend


  1. Love the colours of these two jumpers, simply beautiful.

  2. @Maureen: Nods, In agreeance. Even if they are slightly hairy then the most jumpers..

  3. love fluffy/hairy jumpers!!
    i want the yellow one

    found your blog via instagram! thanks for the instagram love :)




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