Friday, 12 October 2012

NEW IN: Printed Trousers

It's all about the details… I am loving printed items especially in trousers. There's a plethora of prints to try from florals, baroque, paisley, polka dots, patterned and pyjama stripes.

I love this pair I picked up recently; has a take on the pyjama style pants, loose fitted, the burgundy details on the waistband and trimmed hem. And most importantly i'm loving the retro patterned vivid shapes; reminding me of the 70s…

Printed Trousers: £34.99 H&M Trend


  1. I love those pants But I couldn't get them as they didn't look all that great on me, can't wait to see how you style them!

  2. I love these printed trousers, very nice print aswell.

  3. @Ag: Thanks for the comment b. Sorry to hear that they were not a so great fit on you. I hope you do find a pair that do. I will post pictures soon. I did take some but at night and the quality wasn't good, so I will retake and post. Stay tuned for that.

    @Maureen: Thanks girl! The print is very in your face and vivid!!


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