Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Primark Haul

As the title states, it is indeed an Primark Haul. A few of these things I wanted for a while now and will keep me smug throughout the cold periods..

Here's what I snapped up on Friday:-

1. Dalmatian print Onesie £12 (Finally I got a onesie - I feel like I'm wearing a baby grower but for an adult. lol)
2. Fashion Tights with crosses £2.50
3. 100 Denier Black tights £2.50 
4. Cosy Socks £2.50
5. Mini Simple Facial Wash £1
6. Chunky Knit bobble hat £3!!! (Yes,you saw right 3 quid)
7. Long Johns/Leggings £10 (Inspired by What I Heart Today)


  1. its so weird! one thing i miss about the uk is primark! lol i need a onesie


  2. @Lolihearts - Lol. Not Weird at all. Not many stores abroad can compare to Primark.

    For it's one off price for chic and daily essentials. The onesies are too cute I was stuck between 3 and opted for this Dalmatian print one..

  3. Great Primark Haul.. Loving those leggings (n07)

  4. Thanks a bunch at Maureen!! xx


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