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Finding the Ultimate Party Dress…

Short Dresses Versus Long Dresses – Which Do You Suit Best?

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With the party season in full swing, for every woman; choosing what to wear can be a difficult task. It’s not just the fact there are so many options when it comes to clothing, but finding something which is attractive and suits your body shape can be a delicate balancing act.
In the world of dresses, this balancing act often involves one simple decision – long dresses or short dresses? To help you determine which is the best option for you, here is a look at each style and what occasions they are best for:

Long dresses
Unlike their short rivals, long dresses suit a multitude of body shapes. Being long in length, these types of dresses can hide a multitude of undesirable lumps and bumps yet at the same time accentuate our greatest assets. Take  iconic prom dresses for example. These traditional and ultra-glamorous styles of dress can help elevate even the most unglamorous of figures. If you are on the shorter or curvy side, then go for dresses which are nipped at the waist and have a fuller skirt at the bottom.
For sportier, more boyish figures which are on the slimmer side, prom dresses can help the wearer look and feel more feminine, womanly and desirable. Long cocktail dresses can have the same affect. They can conceal our less desirable parts yet at the same time enhance our best bodily features.
If you are blessed with an ultra-enviable six foot supermodel figure then long dresses, such as prom dresses and cocktail dresses that hug the figure from top to bottom, will make you look simply stunning.

Short dresses
If you want to wear a short dress, you need to be a little more careful to find one that suits your body shape. If you are a size ten with great legs then a micro-mini dress will guarantee to get practically every head at the bar turning in your direction! However, if you’re less comfortable with showing some flesh there are certain tricks you can use to make sure you look fantastic in a short dress.
For example, flat boots that come midway up the calves will balance a short dress and show off your assets. Similarly wear a short dress with a pair of leggings underneath for a less revealing but still sexy look. Once again, the cut of the dress is important, so go for something which nips in at your narrowest points and accentuates your assets.

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