Tuesday, 18 December 2012


On Saturday, I decided to give the individual eye lashes a go. I booked an appointment with my friend Gayloi who is behind Glam Lash London.

Like many woman, I've always wanted longer, fuller lashes. Particularly as my natural lashes are not noticeable and I rarely wear mascara as I don't like clumps some brands leave behind. 

I've tried the eylure strip lashes before mainly for going out but i've had them installed in by friends as my shaky hand won't allow the process and then removed them at the end of the night.

I let Gayloi choose the lashes and the length. She opted for the cluster lashes which come short in length. The cluster lashes are a favourite of hers and amongst her clients. 

The lashes are set to last for 4 weeks with regular maintenance. 

1+2: Before installation without mascara / 3: After Lash installation (I used an Instagram filter for the last picture)

I was really impressed with the way my lashes looked after they were installed. As silly as this sounds I almost didn't recognise my own face for a while. (lol) Overall, I Loved them. Very natural looking with a fuller approach and more volume to them.

So if your based in London and want to uplift your lashes with a treat then I solely recommend that you try Glam Lash London.

Contact Gayloi today on https://www.facebook.com/glam.l.london 

Prices start from £15


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    1. @The Brunette One: Thanks , It's amazing. ;)

  2. Absolutely stunning,honey!Keep rocking;)


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