Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New In: Faux Leather Skirt

I have been looking high and low for the perfect faux leather pencil skirt. So when I came across this one last month online, I just knew I had to snap it up. 

I've become quite addicted to all things leather lately, whether in trousers, skirts, jacket lapels and blazer sleeves. I've lost a few bids on Ebay trying to snag skirts and you know that can be a heart breaker moment when you don't win. But hey, that is all history now I've found this baby!

I brought this skirt from Warehouse, fits like a dime and the faux leather look is lovely and soft. It has definitely got a few wears since i've purchased it and will be perfect for the Crimbo season that is beyond us.

This is my first time ordering from the Warehouse online store. And I was fairly impressed by the fast delivery that I had received. So Kudos to Warehouse for that!!

Skirt - £40 £25


  1. got two leather pencil skirts they are the best!
    loving your one

    1. @Lolihearts: Thanks dear. I bet I know which skirt you are referring too. The H&M Faux Leather skirt huh? I love that one dearly too. Thanks for commenting! Xxx


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