Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fresh as a Daisy..

Lately I've been pretty obsessed by putting sets together by using Polyvore (How cool is that website) Anyway back to the look. My favourite colour for spring is defiantly Yellow. So anything with florals, bold colour-ways and prints will always attract me. 

I am adorned by this woven boxy shirt (1 - £29.99) and calf skirt (2 - £48) with the fancy outlined floral design nestled in a yellow background for a summerly pop. Here I pair with T bar white pumps (3 - £29.99) and finishing up with this seasons colour of the moment - green messenger box bag (4- £25.99)

1 + 2: Topshop / 3 + 4: Zara

Available in stores now!!!  

Expect to see the Calf skirt appear on my blog soon

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