Monday, 15 April 2013

Hot Spots: Inamo

On Saturday I had dinner with my 2 friends Mave and Sonya at Inamo St James. Having been drawn in by the interactive e-table system coupled with a love for pan-Asian food thought to give this interesting concept a try. 

After being shown to our table and given a mini demonstration by the waiter on how to use the interactive system, it was pretty straight forward after that.

Through the innovative Inamo system, we could see illustrated food and drink menus projected onto the table surface, order our food, customise virtual tablecloths, play games, view the chefs in the kitchen using the chef cam, order a taxi and call the waiter all with a touch of a button. 

The menu consisted of smaller dishes and larger dishes, along with sides and desserts. And are not served sequentially in a 'starter & main course' style. So yes your larger dish can arrive first then your smaller dish will arrive second and so forth.

Here's what we ordered: 

Being the cocktail lover I am, Had to get stuck into the cocktails. 

Sake Martini 

Cocktail of the week

Seared Salmon Maki - Salmon layed over sushi rice & nori with avocado, cucumber and cream cheese in the centre. Decorated with ginger and wasabi at either side and served with soy sauce

Tomato & Avocado Salad

Berkshire Pork Neck - Slow braised tender pork neck served with confit of apple, spicy chocolate sauce, red wine reduction & crushed wasabi peas. - This tasted exceptional but just wished there was more of it, I liked the idea of chocolate sauce with pork. mmm, yummy!!

Vanilla Creme Brûlée with a sweet strawberry and lemongrass syrup 

Overall the food looked great and tasted nice. The Creme Brûlée dessert was by far favoured by myself and friends. 

I loved the restaurant's decor with the bamboo sticks dotted around and sliding doors for the perfect ambience.

On the downside my criticism would be it was overly priced and under portioned.  The larger dishes (Mains) could even be mistaken for smaller dishes (Starters) as there just wasn't enough of it on the plate.

It's definitely not the place if your hungry because it won't fill you up unless you order a dozen of plates and then foot the extremely large bill at the end.
The service of the dishes arriving at the table wasn't great. The waiter did pre warn us that it takes 15mins and on a busy evening it can take even longer. The only thing that arrived fairly on time was the drinks then your left pondering when your dish is going to arrive.

The novelty of the interactive menu is the unique selling point for this restaurant and then that is just about it.

If you want a light meal and an impressive do it yourself ordering system then, by all means, give it a go.

I would recommend you book in advance.

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