Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hot Spots: Pitt Cue Co

Finally made it down to Pitt Cue situated in Ganton Street, off Carnaby Street with Maureen. A restaurant recommendation by the lovely Rosie of The Londoner life style blog.

We have wanted to try this spot for ages but the queue has always been so long (It is very popular) or it was closed.  It seats 30 people at a time and there is a no reservations policy so it's a first come first serve basis. 

But on sunday we finally made it happen and to our surprise no queue to wait in. The menu was short, simple and double sided with food on the front and drinks on the reverse. 

I initially opted for the beef ribs which was a downer as they had ran out, so I opted for the pulled pork with green chilli slaw, potato skins and shared a portion of smoked chiptole wings ( which were really tasty and juicy ) For once I didn't order a cocktail but a glass of lemonade instead which also was very yummy. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the food and will be back especially to try those amazing beef ribs which I've heard so much about. 

Price is average. For 2 people it was £40 . Service is quick and friendly.

It is defiantly worth a visit, just get there early!

For opening times: http://www.pittcue.co.uk/home/

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  1. Those wings we're amazing,my mouth is watering just looking at the picture.


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