Saturday, 26 April 2014

#RockThatDenim Campaign

I was contacted by Nemi Ariweriokuma of Style Trailer to take part in the #RockThatDenim Campaign, the first of its kind. I was intrigued by this campaign as I love incorporating denim in my everyday looks and it's an essential wardrobe piece which is versatile, comfortable, practical & trendy.

A fabric that never goes out of fashion; It is universal and is worn by almost everyone. #RockThatDenim campaign looks at empowering fashion enthusiasts lacking in self esteem and also break stereotypes.

Those stereotypes that are associated with fashion being that you can't or shouldn't rock a certain trend because of your body type whether you are tall, short, fat or skinny. The colour of your skin & social groups. 

 The campaign focuses on the ever popular Denim on Denim trend and how it is interpreted  across different cultures and fashionistas. With the aim of portraying that there is unity in diversity.

I was joined by Nigerian Style Blogger & TV presenter Funmi Ogunja  and Fashion Designer & Blogger Gerrie in the first episode. Check the clip here of us speaking about the stereotypes we face. 

My stereotype was my body type of being athletic, tall and skinny and not being able to wear certain clothes/trends as they may not work for my shape, we all get body hangups and some that could be negative to one person can be a positive for another. Despite that stereotype I still wear such items of clothing and make them work to the best of my ability (mind you I don't propose every trend, it's not by force. laughs) to the body shape I am acquired with.


My look consisted of an dip dye denim shirt by H&M in an ombre effect; going from light washed denim into white, teamed with a white pair of distressed jeans by Topshop. I diy'ed the jeans to create the distressed knees and fraying of the hems at the ankle. I teamed the look with my Bershka sandals with a block heel and wore my trusty camel coat from Zara!

It was a fashion coincidence that myself and Funmi were rocking similar looks - distressed denim jeans (whereas my denim was white and hers in a light blue wash denim) & beloved camel coats. Great minds think alike.

Photo Credit Nemi of Style Trailer

To learn more about the #RockThatDenim campaign check Style Trailer for pics and details.

Thanks Nemi for allowing me to be apart of this fab campaign!


  1. That dip shirt is really funky

    1. Thanks. It's such a statement piece right? Thanks for passing by xo

  2. Great post! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before as it's really good. Will defiantly come back again and follow you.

    Beth x

    1. Thanks for your awesome comment & praise! xo

  3. Girls, you combined denim just perfectly ;)


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