Tuesday, 7 October 2014

There's Something About Velvet..

Embelm button Velvet Blazer: MANGO Outlet
Velvet Suit Trousers: MANGO Outlet
Lace-up Metal plate Leather Shoes: H&M

When you think of velvet what comes to mind.. Austin Powers, Rock & Roll, Retro, Nobility, Decadence, Soft to touch, Luxe. Well I have you know velvet is having a fashion moment. Gone are the days when velvet hindered in the heydays. The plush fabric is back like it never left. From bejewelled tones in blue, purple, green, red to black. 

Lately I have been obsessing over  Mango. And they have really stepped up their game of recently. Both from the mainline store and the outlet store. Would you believe me if I stated that the above  Velvet Trouser Suit was under £80? 
Click the links and shop the look.

Images by Getty Images, Tumblr, Mango.com, Glamour Magazine

1 comment:

  1. I donT like velvet on men but it does look fab on girls. I think you need to be slim though


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