Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Orange Elephant Steak

Where: 351 Fulham Road
London, SW10 9TW

Orange Elephant Steak is situated in Fulham Road, not too far from Chelsea Football Club Grounds. 

The restaurant is long with a lot of light, panelled walls, wooden lights, with a direct view right at the end of the Chef’s kitchen. It has a very modern yet sultry appeal.

Orange Elephant Steak is renowned for their signature steaks which are carefully sourced from independent British farms and created from specially selected cuts of quality beef, which have been aged for a minimum of 32 days. Also, all steaks are cooked in their Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal BBQ cooker. 

When I visited the restaurant with my friend Benji, we started with their Walnut and Rocket salad, followed by their roast dinner which had all the trimmings as you would expect, accompanied by a giant Yorkshire pudding, which was crispy and filling. The beef was succulent, tasty yet tender and the potatoes had a nice crisp while the broccoli was steamed and still had a nice crunch to them.  

The menu is fairly simple with many familiar favourites like creamy mac and cheese. Orange Elephant has a great deal on their steak for £20 that is worth checking out, alongside their signature Tom Hawk steak which comes in at £80.

The staff are friendly and welcoming. If you happen to be in the area of Chelsea, do swing by and try this place out or definitely plan a Sunday day out for a delicious roast, you won’t be disappointed. 

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