Saturday, 26 November 2016


Where77 Alie St, London E1

Drop by Smaka, the latest Scandinavian eaterie to hit Aldgate East. Specialising in hearty and authentic Swedish food. Smaka serves up hearty breakfasts, fresh and healthy lunches and dinners with a Scandi twist.

The layout of the restaurant is open space with plenty of seating and in the far back a feature wall that can’t be missed - Think wood and nature. The restaurant is also well lit with lights and low bulb lights. There is also huge windows that flood the space with nature light, perfect for Instagrammable shots alike.

 A few weeks ago, I attended a Blogger foodie event to trial some of the delicious offerings which they had to offer. The menu offers the Traditional dishes such as Swedish meatballs, Lamb Shank, Salmon, Duck, Rainbow trout etc. I opted for the traditional meatballs and they were a far cry from the Ikea meatballs. 

These ones were special and even more special with the addition of lingonberries. These lingonberries had such a great flavour to them, they are sweet and also a tad bitter. For me, it was meatball love. The mashed potato - there was not a lump in sight. It was creamy and smooth. The cream sauce was perfect too. All the components worked nicely. 

I also tasted some of the Lamb shank and was highly impressed too, the lamb was heavenly and the risotto was creamy, comforting and had a nice balance, perfect for warming you up on a crisp cold day. 

We soon moved to desserts and I had the Wine Poached Pear with chocolate sorbet . I liked this poached pear despite me not being the slightest fan of red wine and it was tasty. However, I felt a vanilla or even coconut sorbet would be better suited as opposed to the chocolate one. I also tried some of the Cheesecake and it was perfection. The creamy top and the buttery base was an absolute win win for me and the lingonberries vinaigrette was everything.

Lastly closing the night, I had a nightcap of the Vargtass which consisted of Vodka and Ligonberry Cordial and it was delicious. Such a great combination of sweet on the soils of vodka. 

I really enjoyed my evening at Smaka, Superb food and service with a smile. Also had good company with the other food bloggers that I met. It was great to put names to faces. I would highly recommend that if you’re in the area of Aldgate to give this place a try for comforting and filling Swedish food. 

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