Thursday, 10 August 2017

Drinki Summer Party

I attended the Drinki Summer party about two weeks ago. Now if you follow me across my socials you will see I have been banging on about the Drinki App. I was first informed about the app from Timeout.

Drinki hooked up with Emerald Street and threw a summer party which took place at the Brew House in London Fields, East London. It was such a fun afternoon - complete with tunes, tiki pong, burger bear on the 1s and 2’s with their yummy burgers and wait a tequila water pistol was going round! Which was a highlight in itself. Also, on the day prosecco was flowing along with Tommy’s Margafreeta and £5 cocktails which you could get from using the Drinki app. 

Loli Lewis, Myself & Femi Mode 

The app has come at such a good time, particularly if you are a serial socializer and love discovering new drinking holes. Nowadays, we are all wanting to save money on going out, whether that is eating out or drinks without breaking the bank. The app encourages you to bring your squad, your partner or just treat yourself to discover new bars across the London borough as well as your favourite joints. The Drinki app gives you chance to get a drinki on the house, from Shoreditch Sling at Forge & Co, STK Martini at STK Lounge, Drambuie Collins at The Magic Roundabout, Gin at Gillray’s Bar to Expresso Martini at Grind to name a few as well as enjoy the superb discount off drinks. Recently the app has added 52 new bars to celebrate Cocktail Month with Emerald Street.

The app is pretty straight forward to use, all you have to do is download the app, register and you are good to go. Another fun thing about the app, you can collect Drinki’s by sharing your referral code amongst your friends to stack up your drinks. 

The Drinki app is available on iOS and Android and is currently only available in London, but watch this space it may come to a city near you soon.  

Learn more about DRINKI today and Use my code: ‘ANNETTELENS ‘to grab a drinki on me! Cheers to that! 

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