Monday, 14 August 2017

The Adult Playground by 9NINE

Last month saw a first of its kind a 2-day adults playground pop up by Super Seed brand 9NINE which took place in London Fields, East London. It goes to show that playgrounds are not just for kids anymore, grown ups should be able to take the weight off their daily lives, play on, join in the fun and increase their happiness and well-being. (just like in the good ol days)

The adult playground was designed strictly for grown ups in mind complete with an adult sized slide, jumbo swings, super-sized see-saws, fireman pole, climbing areas, monkey bars and ball pits.The concept of Play is nothing new – it has helped to form the society we live in today and provides anticipation, pleasure, imagination, social interaction, surprise, fun, liberty and laughter, and that’s just for starters. Playing is good for our mental health as well as our physical well-being, but we seem to stop buying into it once we reach adulthood.  9NINE are about making sure we live life to the fullest and have plenty of fun along the way.

I attended the press launch ahead of its opening on 29th July and like many when I walked through the door - the first thing I laid my eyes on was the massive red slide at the entrance. I was intrigued yet scared but I knew I had to try it. I quickly climbed up like the dotting kid inside me. yet when I got to the top, my heart was beating out of my chest and I couldn’t do it! I guess the fear we face as adults kicked in.(While it may have looked like a simple slide - it dipped and it was quite narrow) Well, at least I couldn’t do it for now. But after checking out the other things to do. I went back on the slide to conquer my fear and this time I went down it. Woohoo! 

Happiness is the heart of the 9NINE brand alongside their nutritional side being their 9NINE products(which are worth checking out) for a nutritional boost. Their edible products include bars, seed fusions, and seed bombs. I really liked the taste of the double cocoa and raspberry bar, alongside the chia seed drink. Very tasty and nutritious. For more information on the 9NINE brand and its products. Visit their website here

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