Thursday, 5 October 2017

Tia Maria + Coffee Project X Future Laboratory

Last month I attended Tia Maria’s Coffee project event in collaboration with Future Laboratory which took place at the hip and independent coffee shop in London’s Bermondsey called Chapter 72. The recently opened coffee and cocktail shop specialise in using award-winning coffee from roasters Extract to create cocktails such as decaffeinated espresso Martini, featuring one of the original 1980s ingredients, Tia Maria and Reyka small batch Vodka.

It was an evening of great takeaways from Future Laboratory’s Foresight Editor Steve Tooze sharing insights of current and future trends of the coffee and coffee cocktail culture. Research shows us that the coffee cocktail renaissance is set to explode with the perfect synergy of coffee and cocktail cultures. 

Discerning drinkers have been enjoying coffee cocktails since the Espresso Martini landed on the scene in the 1980s, but it only now the astronomical growth of the trend has really taken off. Waves of development in coffee have been echoed in innovations in coffee cocktails. Whilst driven by millennials aged 22-34 around the world, the trend has gained momentum. Also, this age group would like to see more coffee houses serving alcohol according to Mintel.

Alongside the impressive facts, We got to sample the Tia Maria cocktail menu which has a selection of new serves and with a hands-on masterclass with Tia Maria’s very own ambassador Stephanie Rainbow.

The Tia Maria showstoppers of the evening were the following:-

Tia Mint Frappe, Tia Mint Americano, Flat White Russia, Tia Cappuccino, Tia Espresso Martini, Tia and Tonic and the top Instagrammable one of them all the Iced popcorn frappe. My fav of the bunch was indeed the iced popcorn frappe for obvious reasons. Although, too much of these can have you bouncing off the walls.

With the guidance of Stephanie, I made the White Flat Russian which consisted of Tia Maria, Espresso, Jamaican Rum ( We used Appleton), Demerara, Sugar and fresh milk.

It was a fun and enjoyable evening of being able to explore more about the future of coffee cocktails culture and also taste the different Tia Maria concoctions of visual appealing drinks that work well in the area of advanced social media sharing. 

Thanks Tia Maria and stay tuned for my Tia Maria Bottle giveaway where I'll be announcing the details soon on my Instagram page.

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